Before Class Starts....

​Turn off cell phones and pagers and leave them in the lobby.

  • Only bring your towel, matt and water into the yoga room.
  • Please do not bring your bags or extra clothes into the yoga room. Leave them in the changing room or in the cubbies.
  • No gum in the yoga room.
  • Strong perfumes and body odors will be pronounced in a hot yoga room, so please keep your body and feet clean when attending class.
  • Please arrive prepared for class 10 minutes early to sign in and allow your body to adjust to the heat. Yoga is a discipline; latecomers will not be admitted–it is distracting, disrespectful to your teacher and fellow students.
  • If you need to leave early please tell the instructor before class.
  • Every class is designed for beginners.
  • First timers arrive 15-20 minutes before class time for personalized consultation to prepare for your first class.
  • Wear light, non-restrictive clothing comfortable to stretch in a room that is heated to 104-108 degrees.
  • Drink plenty of water and electrolytes throughout the day before coming to class. Hydration with electrolytes is very important.
  • Ask questions either before or after class, but not during the class.
During Class...

  • Do your very best to stay in the yoga room once class begins. Staying through the whole class keeps the energy of the room intact and your fellow students feel the loss of your energy when you leave the room early. If an emergency requires you to leave, please leave and re-enter between postures.
  • Refrain from talking in the yoga room. Many students use the time before class to quietly meditate and center themselves as they prepare for class.
  • You may bring bottled water into class with you — the teacher will indicate the points during class when everyone takes their water breaks.
  • While you may use your hand towel to dry your hands to help with your grip, please refrain from wiping away your sweat throughout the class.
  • Please practice stillness in the posture, but more importantly, when you're not in a posture remain still without moving. This gives your heart a break and allows for increased blood flow to recirculate throughout the body.
  • Honor the silence of the room by moving quietly.
  • Focus on only yourself in the mirror.
  • Do not talk during class.
  • As the room fills up during our most popular class times, please work together to create enough space for everyone and a good flow of energy through the room. Pulling the front row close to the front mirrors and staggering the rows behind allows more people to see the mirrors, and the feeling of being over-crowded goes away.
  • Follow the instructor’s dialogue moving in and out of the postures together and coming out when they say, "change". Flowing together as a class allows the energy to flow better to form a more balanced class so you will have a better experience.
  • Whenever you are not doing a posture you are in savasana.
  • If you have a hard time staying still, please position yourself towards the back of the room.
After Class...

​Observe silence after the final savasana — meditation.

  • Leave the room quietly.
  • Respect others.
  • Enjoy the peace and energy you're taking with you from class, and make up your mind to come back tomorrow!
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