We Offer Bikram Style, Vinyasa, Yin and Barre Fit Classes 

Here at Arden Hot Yoga we have a community that provides unconditional love and support. We teach authenticity, compassion for the self and others, and mindfulness as tools to help live an empowered and wholehearted life.

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Arm Balance & Inversion Series with Heather Roussos

Saturday 5/9 & 5/23

1 - 4pm

Join Heather for a 2 part series to learn how to prepare, execute, and incorporate arm balances and inversions into your daily practice. All levels are welcome. Only requirements are an open mind and heart, a willingness to fall, and desire to adventure and play!

Day 1: Preparation & Foundations

Build a strong base by preparing your body for whats to come. This practice will be focused around getting strong through your physical body. We will prepare everything from your core and shoulders all the way down to your hips and toes! In this workshop you will also learn foundational arm balance and inversion postures & how to carefully enter and exit each of them. (Crow, tripod head stand, traditional head stand, side crow, running man, firefly)

Day 2: Into the Flow & Beyond

Learn when to practice these postures in class and how to incorporate them into your flow. We will also begin to explore trickier transitions and more intermediate and advanced postures. (eight-limb sage, peacock, forearm stand, handstand, compass, as well as advanced variations for each)

Cost: $75 for both practices or $40 per session

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Yin Yoga - A Spring Clearing with Sara Volkell

Saturday 5/16
11:15-12:30 (regularly priced class) plus
12:45-2:45 (two extra hours of yin!)


It’s time to de-clutter, release and revitalize. You’re clearing out the weeds and making room for new seedlings in your garden, but what about in your body? As our bodies emerge from winter’s call to reserve resources and tuck emotion away, this practice is designed to leave you feeling light and renewed. We will bring awareness to the Liver and Gallbladder Meridian lines, improving the flow of energy (Qi) to help our bodies meet the vision and growth of Spring with ease. Eastern medicine teaches that when the Liver and Gallbladder Meridian lines are blocked or sluggish we are susceptible to fatigue, allergies, asthma and digestive issues. When these organs are balanced we are prone to make good decisions and fully implement them. Reset the subtle body by releasing what is no longer needed and clearing the way for new beginnings! 

All levels welcome. Join us for one session or both.

$35 for both, $25 for unlimited members

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