We Offer Bikram Style, Vinyasa, Yin and Barre Fit Classes 

Here at Arden Hot Yoga we have a community that provides unconditional love and support. We teach authenticity, compassion for the self and others, and mindfulness as tools to help live an empowered and wholehearted life.

Arm Balance & Inversion Series with Heather Roussos

Saturday 5/23

1 - 4pm

Join Heather and learn how to prepare, execute, and incorporate arm balances and inversions into your daily practice. All levels are welcome. Only requirements are an open mind and heart, a willingness to fall, and desire to adventure and play!

Into the Flow & Beyond

Learn when to practice these postures in class and how to incorporate them into your flow. We will also begin to explore trickier transitions and more intermediate and advanced postures. (eight-limb sage, peacock, forearm stand, handstand, compass, as well as advanced variations for each)

Cost:  $40

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